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Its a wonderful afterlife...
You wake up in the snow again, unsure of where you are or whats around. All you know is that you're dead. Turns out there is an afterlife, unfortunately that afterlife is a never ending cycle of dying and being reborn in the empty wastelands.

Can you do enough to please the gods of this hell and eventually find peace?
About the game
By yourself...
Become a lone wolf, roaming the wasteland without a care for anyone. Save your own skin whilst those around you freeze to death. Its a harsh world but there are gods that favour only the strong.
Unite the world...
Communicate with the rest of the map and work to unite the world. Perhaps together you can overcome this cycle and find peace?

Do you trust those around you enough to open your gates and let in the masses though?
In a team...
Find others and team up to survive, create a camp and build up your defenses, then laugh from your walls as others around you freeze in the snow. Gain the favour of the gods of clans as you fight to be the last survivors.
Tear it apart...
Destroy the land around you as you scrape every last resource out of it. Dig, explode and even summon the will of the gods until all that remains is the cold hard stone below your feet.
On your phone or your tablet!
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Information about phone play here...
...More information coming soon
Arctic Lands
Version: 6.6 (Alpha)
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